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9 Differences Between Having Crushes As Teenagers And Having Crushes Now

Adolescence is a bitch. And the proof of this statement is just a flashback away. Close your eyes, and think about what you were like when you were a teenager. Fun, isn’t it? Worse than anything you did during that magical time, the one thing that’ll stand out is how you were around people you had a crush on. And compared to that, your life now is better-you actually know how to act around people you like. That’s probably the only reason to be glad you’re an adult. Here are 9 differences between your behavior around your crush when you were young, and now. 1. Then- You’d dream of getting married to your crush, and have an elaborate wedding
Now- You’re too busy loathing yourself for not being as perfect as them to even think about being with them

Hello, self-doubt. It’s nice to meet you. 2. Them- Stalking included knowing exactly what bus/rickshaw, they took to and from school

And what time they reached school. You could beat the CBI. Now- Stalking includes looking at their pictures all o…

13 Signs You May Have Found Your True Love

“Love is not blind – it sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less” ~Will Moss What are the signs that you’re in true love? Well, there are many, but what about these sure signs; check how many of these are true for you 1. You bring out the best in each other

2. Even if you are dressed sloppy, it doesn’t really matter
Being yourself!
3. You can fart freely in front of each other
Love is in the air! 
4. You start compromising on things you normally don’t

5. You no longer clear your internet browsing history
Who cares?
6. You know each others passwords – email, Facebook, Twitter… everything!

You also know their password variations & password hints.
7. You both know and fight over each others’ disgusting habits
Maro sale ko!
8. You have had innumerable break ups. None of which lasted more than a day

Lessons in leadership from The Minions

I  know The Minions is supposed to be a children’s movie, all about fun and laughter, and I am not to read too much into it or between the lines. But, when I was watching the movie I realised it offered, surprisingly, some deep lessons in leadership and entrepreneurship. So, if you have not watched the movie yet and plan to, then stop reading right now for there are SPOILERS AHEAD. Take Risks: Kevin, Stuart and Bob need not have made that perilous journey out of the cold, snow-covered cave the Minions had made their home. They could have wallowed in collective misery. But they did not give up and so found the ‘boss’ they wanted so desperately. A number of startups/companies flounder because the founder/leader is scared to try something new. Only if you take a big risk, do you stand the chance of a big reward. Hedge your bets: The entire Minion colony did not follow Kevin when he hatched the plan to go find them a big, bad boss. They only sent guitar-strumming Stuart and little Bob with …

10 characters in Bahubali who can also be found in Software industry

1) Amarendra Bahubali Amar is a hard working developer tester who got all required skills.Though always eligible for bestrating, sometimes he is confined to lesser ratings owing to politics and bell curve.
2) Bhallaladeva Bhalla is an above averagedeveloper tester who got decent skills ,but won’t work hard. He use politics to get best rating inappraisal.He is always jealous of Bahu..

3) Bijjaladeva Bijju is ateam leadmanager who shows partiality on Bahu .He often employ politics to get best ratings for his pet resource (Bhalla) even if he is not worth for it.
4) Sivagami